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Tube aerator ELASTOX®-R

An idea conquers the world

With the ELASTOX®-R tube diffuser, MARTIN Systems introduced one of the first membrane pressure aeration systems to the market in 1983. Its design advantages and positive properties in continuous operation convinced our customers all over the world:

  • Extremely buoyant due to floodable support tube
  • Simple and fast assembly and disassembly of the aeration grids
  • Ideal also for unfavorable basin geometries
  • Low piping requirements due to individual aerator lengths and paired installation
  • Design details and the materials used are constantly being optimized and further developed, but the principle of the floodable support tube remains the same.

Aerator lengths for every application

In newly built aeration basins, tube aerators with aeration lengths of 750 or 1,000 mm are usually used. Within the scope of upgrading existing wastewater treatment plants, old basin structures with mostly unfavorable geometry (e.g. flumes) are often retrofitted and converted into aeration basins. For this case, MARTIN Systems offers different aerator lengths in order to achieve an optimal bottom distribution, especially for surface aeration systems.

The outstanding advantages of the ELASTOX®-R tube diffuser

  • Fine bubble gassing pattern and thus excellent oxygen utilization.
  • Defined spacing of the pores from each other prevents coalescence of the air bubbles during the generation process. The elastic membrane ensures largely clog-free operation even in difficult applications.
  • Intermittent operation allows the use of modern process technologies (e.g. nitrification / denitrification) even in existing plants.
  • Additional energy savings due to the possibility of adapting the oxygen supply to all load conditions, without regard to a minimum loading of the diffusers.
  • Floodable support tubes reduce buoyancy tendencies caused by the aerators.

Typical use cases are:

  • Fresh aeration of wastewater, e.g. in buffer tanks
  • Oxygen input into aeration basins
  • Oxygen input for sludge stabilization
  • Aeration of rivers and lakes
  • Aeration of fishponds
  • CO2 gassing for neutralization