MBR Filter

Ultrafiltration für verschiedenste

MBR Schiffskläranlagen

Fortschrittliche Anlagen mit
bewährter MBR-Technologie


Mechanische Vorreinigung 
für dezentrale Kläranlagen

MBR Package Plant

Mobile Container-Kläranlagen


Die kompakte MBR-Trinkwasser-

Cube Mini

Ultrafiltrationsmodul zur Trinkwasser- 
gewinnung in Katastrophengebieten

paul Wasserrucksack

Der tragbare Wasserfilter kann bis zu
200 Menschen pro Tag versorgen.


There is a huge demand for modern, powerful plants to treat municipal wastewater. From the degradation of carbon through to the extensive elimination of nutrients and disinfection – MARTIN Systems offers the optimum solution for all needs.

MARTIN Systems provides the ideal wastewater treatment solution in the municipal sector for:

  • Cities, towns, villages
  • Hotels, holiday parks
  • Business parks
  • Freeway service stations
  • Restaurants
  • Sports and recreational facilities

Low cost of investment

  • Easy installation of the membrane segments
  • Little peripheral equipment since there is no need for backwashing
  • Small activation volumes thanks to a high concentration of active biomass
  • Space-saving design, small footprint Low operating costs
  • Minimum energy demand for scouring air due to the patented sequential cleaning of the membrane surface
  • Minimum consumption of chemicals for cleaning
  • Minimum energy demand for filtrate extraction due to low trans-membrane pressures
  • Long membrane lifetime thanks to gentle filtration
  • No risk of blocking or clogging
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reliable compliance with hygiene standards thanks to the high cut-off performance of the UF membranes (37 nm, 150 kDa)
  • Fully automated filtration operation 


Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Knautnauendorf


Country Germany
City Leipzig
Technology     MBR
Capacity 1.500 EW
Status Y.o.C. 2001

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Island Riems


Country Germany
City Greifswald
Technology     MBR
Capacity 1.300 PE
Status Y.o.C. 2010

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Hostivice


Country Czech Republic
City Hostivice
Technology     MBR
Capacity 4.000 m3/d
Status Y.o.C. 2014