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Der tragbare Wasserfilter kann bis zu
200 Menschen pro Tag versorgen.


Industrial wastewater in particular often contains high concentrations of organic components. Due to the relatively high residual concentrations of dissolved substances, physical-chemical technologies are only partly suitable for the complete treatment of such wastewater. Since they have a high demand in chemicals and produce large quantities of surplus sludge during the precipitation processes, these technologies incur high disposal and operating costs.

Biological technologies, however, have proven to be ideal for the treatment of wastewater from different industries, though the operation of conventional secondary settling tanks often causes problems in the aeration process. MARTIN Systems combine the aerobic biological process and membrane filtration to separate the activated sludge. Membrane bioreactors (MBR) work at high biomass concentrations and retain the biomass completely. 

The filtration units from MARTIN Systems are supplied as complete filtration containers ready for installation in parallel downstream of the aeration tank. Existing plants can thus be easily upgraded. The plants are designed and dimensioned individually based on pilot tests with original wastewater. Special pilot plants are available for this purpose.

Complete filtration units from MARTIN Systems are used in the following industries:

  • Food industry (beverages/breweries)
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Chemical, cosmetics and paint industry
  • Regenerative energy, renewable resources
  • Washing processes (rinsing water)
  • Metal, electrical and automotive industry
  • Special wastewaters (landfill leachate, plane defrosting)
  • After-treatment of anerobic reactors, flocculation, and precipitation units


Leakage water of a waste dump


Country Germany
City Singhofen
Technology     WWTP with MBR
Capacity 4.800 EW
Status Y.o.C. 2009

Recycling of wastewater from poultry slaughterhouse


Country United Arab Emirates
City Al Yahar, Al Ain
Technology     PAC, DAF, MBR System
Capacity 400 m3/d
Status Completed in 2014