MBR Filter

Ultrafiltration für verschiedenste

MBR Schiffskläranlagen

Fortschrittliche Anlagen mit
bewährter MBR-Technologie


Mechanische Vorreinigung 
für dezentrale Kläranlagen

MBR Package Plant

Mobile Container-Kläranlagen


Die kompakte MBR-Trinkwasser-

Cube Mini

Ultrafiltrationsmodul zur Trinkwasser- 
gewinnung in Katastrophengebieten

paul Wasserrucksack

Der tragbare Wasserfilter kann bis zu
200 Menschen pro Tag versorgen.

Elastox Ventilation systems

System components for any process technology and all types of plant layouts.

ELASTOX® membrane aerators from MARTIN Systems have been synonymous with high quality and consistent performance in pressurized aeration for over 20 years. The design advantages and positive characteristics in continuous operation quickly made the ELASTOX® system an often copied plant component for wastewater technology. 

As a recognized specialist for fine-bubble compressed air aeration systems, MARTIN Systems supplies components and process know-how, and is also active in plant design and consulting for plant operators all over the world. 

Diaphragm qualities - the be-all and end-all of reliable compressed air ventilation. 

The common term "rubber diaphragm" actually does not do justice to the complexity that the diaphragm material has on the performance and durability of compressed air aeration systems. In addition, a distinction must be made between municipal and industrial systems based on the composition of the wastewater.

Complete filtration plants from MARTIN Systems are used in the following industries:

  • Food industry (beverages/breweries)
  • Pulp and paper industry
  • Chemical, cosmetics and paint industry
  • Renewable energies, renewable raw materials
  • Washing processes (rinse water)
  • Metal, electrical and automotive industry
  • Special wastewater (landfill leachate, aircraft de-icing)
  • Post-treatment of anerobic reactors, flocculation and precipitation plants

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