MBR Filter

Ultrafiltration für verschiedenste

MBR Schiffskläranlagen

Fortschrittliche Anlagen mit
bewährter MBR-Technologie


Mechanische Vorreinigung 
für dezentrale Kläranlagen

MBR Package Plant

Mobile Container-Kläranlagen


Die kompakte MBR-Trinkwasser-

Cube Mini

Ultrafiltrationsmodul zur Trinkwasser- 
gewinnung in Katastrophengebieten

paul Wasserrucksack

Der tragbare Wasserfilter kann bis zu
200 Menschen pro Tag versorgen.

Wastewater treatment plants

The BMA® system was developed to enable global ship operations and to ensure reliable compliance with strict worldwide wastewater standards. Our BMA® systems treat all wastewater streams on board, such as black water, gray water from accommodations, gray water from the galley and laundry water. Wastewater from BMA® systems meets IMO MEPC.227(64) and USCG requirements including Alaska Title. Our BMA® S-Line also meets the enhanced nutrient requirements for nitrogen and phosphorus under MEPC.227(64) for cruise ships operating in special areas under MEPC.290(62), thanks to the integration of anoxic treatment stages and selected phosphate elimination.

Split arrangement We also offer pre-assembled filtration units for all capacities. The biological treatment stages are integrated into the superstructure tanks. Please ask for a detailed offer.

Higher organic loads and hydraulic flows on board passenger ships, super and mega yachts require adapted solutions for wastewater treatment systems.

Biological complete plant "Silver Shadow"

BMA R (3x in a row)