CUBE mini Filter

CUBE Mini FM 045 / FM 045GAC ****

Filter Characteristics
Membrane area0.45 m²
Gaps between membranes6 mm
Membrane Characteristics
Materialorg. polymer, PES
MWCO *150 kDalton
Pore size, nominalapprox. 35 nm
Pore size, maximal0.1 µm
Dimensions **
Length [mm]250
Width [mm]75
Height [mm]260
Min. liquid level [mm]300
Min. hydraulic head [mm]400
Weight, dry [g]800 / 1800 ****
Weight, wet [g]1100 / 3100 ****
Package density [m²/m³]110
Filtrate lineø 6 mm
Flow at 20 °C ***GDMPump
AHF average hourly flow2.5 l/h5.0 l/h
ADF average daily flow60 l/d100 l/d
PHF peak hourly flow3.5 l/h7.0 l/h
  • * MWCO: Molecular weight cut-off
  • ** Dimensions are based on the module, without any frame
  • *** Flow characteristics are based on our experience (GDM: gravity-driven filtration). Performance may vary depending on application and raw water quality! Operation at PHF may be reached during short intervals.
  • **** Gaps between membranes are filled up with GAC (granular activated carbon) for the adsorption of trace organic substances

As we are continually improving our products we reserve the right to make technical alterations/modifications. Special requests are possible provided when they are based on our existing designs.