Submerged modules for all MBR applications

The ultra-filtration membrane used for wastewater treatment physically separates smallest particles down to colloids from liquids on the basis of its defined pore size (<0.1 µm). The membrane holds these substances back without changing them either physically or chemically. This means that dangerous substances cannot even be produced. We utilise user-friendly flat membranes made of organic polymers which, in combination with the sophisticated filter design, effectively prevent clogging of the filter due to hairs, fibres or other unhygienic coarse matter.

This technology is a combination of the proven activated sludge technology and the innovative membrane process and offers a number of advantages over conventional aeration plants. The membrane filters are installed directly in the aeration tank or in downstream filtration chambers and ensure that activated sludge, bacteria and viruses are safely retained there. A conventional secondary settling tank is thus no longer needed to achieve the highest effluent quality.


  • Small footprint, compact design, no secondary settling tank required
  • Excellent effluent quality, disinfection of the effluent from the wastewater treatment plant 
  • Re-usage of the filtrate as process water, for example
  • Robust design
  • Reliable operation