smartfloc PACS

smartfloc PACS: a flocking agent that provides optimal sedimentation performance, relative to conventional chemicals.

smartfloc PACS based on polyaluminium chloride hydroxyde sulfate distinguishes itself from traditional products such as ferric chloride or aluminum sulfate by its higher efficiency at lower amounts.

Requires far lower doses for the generation of larger and considerably more stable flocs. This in turn reduces sedimentation time, while minimizing turbidity and sludge occurrence, and permanently improves water quality.

Because smartfloc PACS is not a hazardous substance, it offers substantial advantages in terms of storage, transport and handling.

Application domain

  • Drinking water and process water treatment
  • Phosphate precipitation
  • Improved nitrification and dentrification performance
  • Reduced sludge volume index
  • Higher settling rates
  • Cooling tower water treatment
  • Swimming pool water treatment
  • Treatment of industrial water cycles

Technical data

Product valuessmartfloc PACS
Appearanceclear solution
Specific weight (20 °C, g/cm3)1,335±0,02 g/cm3
pH (1 % solution)4,1
Alkalinity85 % (w/w)
Al2O323±0,5 % (w/w)
Active substances (mg Al/kg product)122,5 g Al/kg product

Due to the high basicity of the product, the pH of the water to be treated is thereby much less affected than by monomeric aluminum salts or iron salts. Thanks to pre-polymerization, smartfloc PACS generates considerably larger and more stable flocs, in the form of an aluminum sulfate etc. These larger flocks reduce sedimentation time.

Only a minute amount of aluminum remains that is well below the limit values. Dosing ranges from around 20 to 70 percent using conventional chemicals such as PAC or aluminum. All in all, smartfloc PACS allows for higher throughput or the use of smaller clarifying basins.

smartfloc PACS has a very high aluminum content of about 160 g/l and is a very pure and storage-stable product as it is produced from metallic aluminum and not from aluminum hydroxide.

smartfloc is DIN EN 883 conformant and NSF60 certified.