paul waterbackpack

paul is a water filter that ensures a fast supply of drinking water either in disaster areas or in rural areas. The device filters pathogens out of the water, making it drinkable and offering effective protection against cholera, typhus and other infectious diseases. paul can be carried by only one person as a backpack to remote areas since it weighs only 20 kg.  

  • paul filters at least 1,200 litres of water each day and can thus supply up to 400 people.

The filter is easy to use. Pour the dirty water in at the top, and draw off clean drinking water from the tap after only a few minutes. The device works reliably for years without any energy consumption, chemicals or additives. It is extremely robust and has no moving parts. The manual consists of simple pictograms that can also be understood by illiterates. Anyone can therefore use the device. It helps people to help themselves.