Fine Screens

RA 200
RA 200
RA 350-600
RA 350-600
RA 350-1000
RA 350-1000

Field of use

  • Mechanical pre-treatment in decentralised water treatment plants
  • Fine screening through openings with a diameter of less than 3 mm makes it ideally suited for membrane aeration systems
  • Maximum flow rate of 7 l/s


  • Simple and low-cost compact design
  • High hydraulic throughput with even the smallest opening diameters since the screen‘s entire circumferential surface area is effective
  • Combines the functions of screening wastewater, separating grit and washing out organic matter all in one device
  • Upgradeable with a discharge screw including dewatering and hygienic packaging


Hairs, fibrous materials, etc. can form unwanted agglomerations and clog the membrane bioreactor and therefore have to be separated from the raw wastewater to ensure the membrane aeration plant‘s safe and low-maintenance operation. But the organic contents of the screenings should be returned to the biological treatment stage as a carbon source.

Decentralised membrane wastewater treatment plants need a simple and low-cost mechanical pre-treatment to separate screenings and sand. The siClaro® fine screen combines a vertical fine screen with screenings washer and a circular grit chamber and thus satisfies these requirements. The separated solid matter can be discharged via a dewatering screw press but the collected screenings and sand can also be sucked off directly from the tank with a suction vehicle.

TypeMax. flow 
in l/s
screen length 
in mm
RA 2002440
RA 350-6005813
RA 350-100071000