Visit the new CUBE LFM 20 at WETEX 2016

The WETEX 2016 highlight is the completely new developed CUBE LFM 20, the innovation of MMS for MBR applications.

You will find us at our booth G9 in Zabeel Hall.

The CUBE LFM 20 is the beginning of a new era. 960 sqm surface, minimal footprint and optimized energy consumption are the key features and thus makes the CUBE LFM 20 to the perfect membrane filter for big applications.

We used our extensive experience to optimize every aspect and every process. Improved drainage and flow properties of the module go along with reduction of weight and improved handling.The production is fully automated and takes advantage of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to further improve the quality and increase the production capacity. We are continuously expanding our product range and invest in the expansion and optimization of our production. At the WETEX 2016 we present to you our actual product lineup including all innovations.

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