MARTIN Membrane Systems is an international wastewater treatment company.

We offer complete on-board systems for maritime applications, including Vacuum systems, Flotation systems for the treatment of galley water, Transfer pump units, Tank equipment, Mechanical pre-treatment units, High-efficiency biological treatment systems, Membrane filtration systems and Sludge handling equipment.

All MARTIN Membrane Systems have a compact design, requiring small tank capacities and spaces and are bespoke solutions, tailored to the individual requirement of each ship.

Our range of German-engineered and manufactured wastewater treatment systems provides a superb effluent quality, reducing suspended solids to effectively zero and fulfilling the latest international and local requirements without chemicals consumption.

Our project teams support you throughout the entire process lifecycle: from pre-planning, during the construction and building phase through to commissioning. We offer individual customized solutions for refit and new buildings. MARTIN Membrane Systems is also your partner for worldwide service and maintenance.